Sports / School Physical

Members who have had their Texas Health Steps well-child check-up in the last 12 months will be eligible for one annual sports and school physical completed by their Primary Care Physician (PCP).

How do I claim my extra benefit?

Schedule a doctor’s appointment for your child with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) requesting that a sports or school physical be completed.

How will I receive it?

By calling your primary care doctor and scheduling a sport/school physical appointment for your child.

Who is eligible?

This extra benefit is available to all members enrolled with Texas Children’s Health Plan and are part of the Texas STAR, CHIP, or STAR Kids programs. To qualify for this extra benefit, STAR and CHIP members should be between the ages of 5 and 19, and have completed their annual Texas Health Steps Well Child Check. STAR Kids members are eligible for this extra benefit up to their 21st birthday. 

Is this extra benefit available in my service area?

Extra benefit is available to members in all service areas including Harris, Jefferson, and Northeast service areas.